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Working with Jennifer was wonderful. I was a third-trimester mama with a five-year-old, working full-time, and my husband was out of town most of the time to begin a new job. These are not circumstances that lead to a stress-free pregnancy and delivery.

Choosing to work with Jennifer as a doula was the best decision we could have made. She took time to get to know us – not only me, but my husband and son, as well – and she became a trusted friend to all of us in a very short time. She didn’t wait for me to ask for help, which was great because I was both stubbornly independent and disorganized. Instead, Jennifer would set up a time to meet and then find out what she could do to help relieve some of the many pressures.

Jennifer was fantastic during the delivery of my son. She helped alongside my husband, letting him do the things he took charge of and filling in the gaps. Although my focus was almost completely inward, I felt fully supported and cared for during the delivery.

By any measure, Jennifer is an amazing doula, but what sets her apart is the care that comes in the weeks before and after the baby is born. I feel very fortunate to have met Jennifer, and, although I have since moved to join my husband, I hope we won’t ever lose touch.

– Lori D.N.

Jennifer Greenberg has been the doula for the births of all three of our grandchildren. It has been a pleasure to have her support for all these momentous events in our lives. She helped defray and calm the anxiety associated with becoming a mother for both of our daughters.

Her welcoming and warm personality helped us all to have an outstanding experience. She was always prepared and available for questions and informative information, and her smile and sense of humor was valued by us all. Knowing that she was there was a comfort.

During labor and delivery, Jennifer was the one who quietly reassured our daughters, during every second, with positive coaching and information. Jennifer’s gentle voice and touch was accompanied by just knowing what was needed at each part of this emotional and physical journey. She continues to be there to answer questions and support our new mothers. Undoubtedly, one of the best decisions for our daughters and us to have engaged her outstanding services. We all love her!

– Judi T.

baby2My first birth was traumatic, and made planning my second birth both confusing and emotionally trying. Sorting through options and looking for a peaceful birth was so incredibly difficult when your first leaves you with scars. Even into my 9th month, I was confused about how I wanted my birth to go – and that’s when I met Jen! Things clicked into place and I felt safe and supported, no matter how I eventually decided my birth should go.

She was supportive and warm, and very knowledgeable. Going into my birth, I knew that whatever happened, however it went, she was in my corner. After an anxiety-ridden pregnancy, the last month of my pregnancy felt like a weight was lifted.

When my son entered the world, Jen was an absolutely invaluable support –  the missing puzzle piece for the best birth possible considering my circumstances. Her familiarity with the hospital, rapport with the nurses, and unhesitating support helped keep me calm and comfortable.

Her check ins afterwards were so reassuring and I just continue to this day to be incredibly grateful that she was part of my birth team, helping me introduce my son to the world.

Jen, your support still means the world to me. I would strongly recommend you to anyone and everyone who will listen. Thank you so much again for everything you did.

– Heather B.

baby1We had a difficult labor and delivery with my first daughter. When I learned that we were expecting our second baby, I knew that I needed a doula to support me and help me navigate the complex hospital system in order to achieve an un-medicated birth. Jennifer was recommended to me by another doula.

As soon as I met Jennifer, I knew that she was the person I wanted with me during my labor. Her calm reassuring voice, her enthusiasm, and her positive energy resounded with me. I was also glad to find out that she was familiar with the doctors and nurses in the labor and delivery department of the hospital we chose. Through the remaining months of my pregnancy Jennifer was always available to answer all my questions, discuss my anxieties, and advise me when I had doubts. The last month of my pregnancy was somewhat anxiety-ridden, with several visits to the L&D. Jennifer kept in touch with me constantly to find out how I was, and offered to come and meet me any time I wanted.

I was induced at 38 weeks, and Jennifer was by my side every second of my labor. My husband had to be with my older daughter, so Jennifer was my only support system. Even the nurses left us alone because they trusted Jennifer so much. She kept me hydrated, helped me move around and reassured me when things got rough. Her presence was extremely calming.

Since my husband was not there, Jennifer even cut my daughter’s cord. That moment, she had forever become part of our family. Jennifer stayed with me for several hours after the birth, helping me get comfortable with nursing. Jennifer played a huge role in making my dreams of having a healing, natural birth a reality. I never missed the presence of my husband or family, because she played the role of a doula and a family member.

You may have heard the saying “every woman deserves a doula.” I would like to rephrase it: I believe “every woman deserves a doula like Jennifer Greenberg.”

– Linu A.

I have known Jennifer for 12-13 years. I first met her when I was her son’s preschool science teacher. Then a few years later, Jennifer and her family moved across the street from my parents. Just after my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we found out that Jennifer was a doula when visiting my parents. My husband works 70-80 hours a week. I hired Jennifer to be my doula so if my husband couldn’t get to the hospital right away, I would have a comforting supportive person there.

She was amazing! She answered all my questions when I was confused or didn’t understand what the nurses or doctor was saying. My husband is not good with blood and bodily fluids. Since Jennifer knew he wanted to be involved in the birth, she suggested that he stay by my head, having the job of putting cold compresses on my forehead and neck. It was perfect for him! My daughter had the cord around her neck during labor and my doctor asked if it was needed, could she use a vacuum on my daughter during labor. I was so anxious. I looked at Jennifer for reassurance and she gave me the reassurance that I needed.

She was there every step of the way, and my husband and I were so glad that we hired her!!!! We are now expecting our second child in 4 1/2 weeks and again, without any hesitation, we hired Jennifer to be our doula!!!! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula who wants a kind , caring, sensitive, supportive doula by their side . She is the absolute best!

– Sarah F.

We had never heard of a doula before our friends mentioned that they had one for their birth. We met Jen during my 6th month of pregnancy after deciding to make major changes in our approach to pregnancy and labor. We met with her and immediately connected.

During my pregnancy, Jen was so supportive and very easy to get a hold of with any questions. She was very proactive in staying up to date with all developments of my pregnancy. When we were getting close around the holidays she made sure to let us know where she would be if I went into labor. She gave my husband and I great tools to approach the birth of our son with confidence. My husband loved having Jen’s support. She made him feel very empowered.

In the delivery room, Jen worked so well with our midwife and with the nurses. She got me through what could have been a very scary experience and made it so that the birth was something beautiful that we will remember with joy for the rest of our lives. At the point she arrived, things were a bit chaotic. She was a calming presence in the room. She was amazingly supportive. She really helped my husband be involved and she took great care of me. She also got great pics during labor.

After our son was born, my husband went and got me breakfast from the cafeteria. Having someone there to stay with me was great. She helped me get comfortable with breastfeeding and just relax and enjoy my beautiful baby. The hours right after giving birth are strange and sureal. Having Jen made everything so much less overwhelming than it otherwise would have been. And then, as I held my son and my husband caught his breath, she fed me cereal. They were the best Cheerios ever.

Jen stayed with us until we got settled into our recovery room. She allowed both me and my husband to just enjoy our baby. We also loved our post partum visit, a time for us to really talk with someone we trust about our new lives as parents. Thank you, Jen!!

– Natalie L.

Jennifer Greenberg is kind caring, knowledgeable and a wonderful support for both the mother and the spouse. Jennifer takes time to get to know you and your family. She emails you after your dr. appointments, has a wonderful memory and is very involved even before the birth.

She is very hands on and helped me get through the tough times of labor both at home and in the hospital, respecting all of my wishes. She not only came to our home and helped me labor as comfortably as possible at home but at the hospital was wonderful! She is positive, calm and helped my husband be an active partner in areas where he could excel. Jennifer stayed with us all the way until we went to our room after our delivery. I highly recommend Jennifer, my husband tells everyone who asks about our birth that it was the best decision we made, to hire Jennifer. She really helped him stay calm and I was never alone not for one minute.

Jennifer was our Doula for our first child and if we decide to have more she will absolutely be my go to support my family through labor again.

– Carola K.

With my first born, I had a tough labor and recovery. When I became pregnant again I knew I wanted a natural birth but also had a lot of anxiety about the process.

When I met with Jen for the first time, she was attentive, kind, and knowledgeable. She listened to all of my questions and fears and provided answers and reassurance. She gave me the confidence to believe I was strong enough to have the natural birth I had hoped for. Over the course of several visits, she took the time to get to know my husband and me and to help us create a birth plan just right for us. Jen was attentive to our needs, was always readily available, and checked in after every appointment.

During my labor, it was such a reassurance to have Jen by my side. Jen worked well with the nurses and doctors at Prentice Women’s Hospital where we delivered, and she managed to both calm and encourage me at the same time. My birth experience with my daughter was everything I had hoped it would be and I could not have done it without Jen’s physical and emotional support.

After my daughter was born, Jen stayed with us to answer questions, to make sure I ate, and to help with breastfeeding. When my family came to meet the baby they were all wowed by Jen’s warmth and kindness. Not surprisingly, they all loved Jen as much as we do!

-Jessica Z.

This was our first pregnancy. We had an idea of how we wanted to proceed, but there were still many unknowns and some anxiety about what we should expect. That’s why we decided to utilize a doula, and we’re glad we did!

From the first time we met with Jen during the interview process, we knew we had found the right doula. We were instantly drawn to her warmth, compassion, and willingness to work with us to achieve our desired labor and delivery experience. She helped us develop a comprehensive birth plan, including things that we hadn’t thought of previously. Every step of the way, Jen provided encouragement and reassurance, helping us achieve our goal of an unmedicated, natural birth.

We delivered at Prentice Women’s Hospital. Jennifer’s knowledge of the facility and prior experience helped us to understand what to expect and how to best take advantage of the available services.

During labor, Jen maintained a calm, professional, and supportive atmosphere. Labor began around 10:30 pm and lasted 12 hours. Needless to say, no one got any sleep. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell the way Jen worked so tirelessly, providing nonstop, hands-on comfort and support throughout. There were times when we questioned whether we could make it without an epidural or medication, but Jen knew just what to say at the right time to help us stay true to our birth plan and go the distance.

We have no regrets whatsoever and are forever grateful.

– Jen and Mike W.

After attending an informal discussion group of women teling their “birth stories” it was clear to me that my intention of having an unmedicated natural child birth would require some planning and likely a doula. I researched doulas on my own and tried to gather a few names as referrals. I came across Jennifer during my search. Her website struck me and I scheduled a meet and greet. It was a very informal, comfortable, non pressured conversation about what she does and how she would help my husband and I achieve my goals of an umedicated natural childbirth. When she left my home, I almost had tears it “felt so right”. I proceeded to have one more interview as comparison. My gut instinct told me Jennifer was the right fit.

So for the next couple months I kept her informed of my progress and met with her for prenatal visits to sketch out a birth plan ( birth desires, as Jennifer appropriately calls it) and address concerns and wishes. Throughout she was very attentive, honest and upfront and made herself very available to my husband and my needs.

My labor started at 2am and we called Jennifer in the morning. She was at my house within an hour and proceeded to stay with my husband and i until I delivered the following day at 2pm! She was a quiet, soothing voice encouraging me to breathe, helping with postion changes to aid in progression of labor. She was a helping hand to my husband and together they were a strong team to keep me from giving up. She was completely devoted to what we needed.

In the end, I delivered a healthy radiant baby boy after an epidural, pitocin and a c-section, clearly not what I had planned. Jennifer provided unwavering support during the tough and vulnerable moments. She had insight to give my husband and I space when necessary. I feel so fortunate Jennifer could share my joy bringing my son Eli into the world and I would not hesistate to recommend Jennifer.

– Rebecca Z.

I was the typical first-time mom who was trying to go with the flow and not have an official birth plan, but still had an “ideal” tucked away in my head. In order to achieve a natural birth, our doctor recommended using a doula’s services and gave us Jen’s name. I immediately scheduled a meeting and instantly liked Jen. I appreciated her laid-back, informative style and just her overall demeanor. She let us make all the decisions, but was willing to offer her opinion or prior experience, which is exactly what I was looking for. I always looked forward to our meetings and could easily get in touch with Jen via email or text at any time (and I certainly had questions for her!) She really cared about what happened at my doctor’s appointments and checked in regularly to see how things were progressing. Cut to the actual birth day – and almost anything I had tried to plan for went out the window. Jen was there every step – helping me breathe through contractions, helping me and my husband walk the halls, getting us water – anything we could have thought of, Jen was prepared to do. She was as active as we needed, staying in the background so my husband and I could concentrate on each other, or actively helping me push when my daughter was ready to come into the world.

Jen made the entire birthing process much easier for a frightened first-timer. Her calm voice helped me get through some very stressful birthing experiences and I really appreciated her knowledgeable presence in our labor & delivery room. My husband and I also just enjoyed her as a person, which is as important as her work as a doula. The decision to bring another person into our delivery room was not something we took lightly, and we’re so happy that we decided to ask Jen to be a part of our daughter’s birth. I would definitely, very highly recommend Jen to anyone considering hiring a doula!!

– Jennifer W.B.

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